Wednesday June 20, 2012: Three Days To Race Day

words by John R. Paul

The final countdown is truly on. We are now less than three days away from the start of the 2012 edition of the Great Race, with racers gradually rolling into town over the next several days to begin their final preparations before Friday’s Trophy Run out to Empire, MI and Saturday’s Grand Start in downtown Traverse City, MI.

HVA president and owner of the newly-christened Miss Adventure, a 1954 Olds Super 88, will be making the trek from his home in Maryland to Grand Rapids, MI to drop off the vehicle to its driver for the Great Race, HVA vice president and chief counsel Carmel Roberts. Along for the ride will be summer intern and support crew technician Casey Maxon. Once the exchange is made, it will be a mad dash back northward to finishing prepping the car for the 2,300 mile trek around the Great Lakes.

Over the next several days we will keep tabs on the vehicle’s progress in the preparations stages, share views from the front seat and keep you up to date on all of the happenings in and around Traverse City as our fellow racers make their way into town. Also be sure and check out our social media coverage on the HVA’s Facebook page and Twitter feed for live updates throughout the day!

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